imagesBeing tired can make you crazy!
I know, because sister has been pooped…And I’ve learned

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that being tired can make you lose all perspective. You can become chicken little pretty quickly.

I was reminded of this when I was reading Genesis 25 this morning. Esau and Jacob were twins. But Esau was born first giving him the blessing that comes with being a first born. I mean you get double everything with this. Too bad for my older brother things aren’t still the same way. But we’re told that Esau has come in from the field, where he is a skillful hunter and is tired. His brother has made some soup. Esau asks him for a cup. And Jacob is willing to give it if Esau will trade him one thing. His birthright.

Now, when I’m looking at this I’m thinking, “Jacob your a crafty little dude.” But the more interesting piece is in Esau’s next statement. “Look, I’m about to die, so what is a birthright to me?” You can pretty much figure out what happens next. Esau gets his soup and Jacob gets the blessing that would have never been his. When I’m measuring them on the smarts chart I’m thinking Jacob is the obvious winner here.

What I’m stunned at is Esau’s complete lack of perspective. It’s hard to believe that the boy is about to die. He is a hunter. That is his gift. I’m thinking he probably had breakfast. But his weariness has made him lose all perspective and site of something that is eternal compared to something that is temporary.

You see where I’m going with this? How often has our weariness caused us to lose all perspective? How often have the towels wadded up in the floor by a haphazard teenager been the tell-tale sign of their complete disregard for you instead of simply what it is, a teenager’s inability to think about anything other than Justin Bieber. How often has the toilet seat being left up been the statement of “you have so little value to me I am going to let you fall right into the toilet this morning.” Instead of the fact that he just forgot…granted again. But still, he just forgot. Weariness can do all of that to us.

There is a self-awareness that we often forget in this full life we all live. That there is a moment when a hot bath isn’t just needed but necessary.When a hour at the gym isn’t about our triceps as much as it is about our self-preservation. When an afternoon movie isn’t about trying to ditch our responsibilities, but is simply about being able to do those responsibilities even better.

In my new world it has been easy to get consumed, lost if you will. And weariness has set in on more than one occasion. And I have found in those moments I am chicken little. That is when I give myself permission to sneak away. To drink a coke after an hour spin class. After all, that is the only reason I work out, so I can have a coke!

You are valuable. You are necessary. Weariness can make you crazy and do crazy things…what do you need to do for just you today? Do it. Don’t think twice about it. Your family will enjoy yourmore. Your co-workers will enjoy you more. Shoot, you’ll enjoy you more…

What is your favorite thing to do to replenish? When will you do it?